Working with 8's, 9's and 1's

Working with 8’s, 9’s and 1’s

Working with 8’s, 9’s and 1’s can be both rewarding and challenging.  They have a lot of ‘hot’ energy, making many of their decisions from their gut.  They are strongly attuned to their instincts, sensitive to the sensations of their body and are typically productive making things happen.

Working with 8's, 9's and 1's

Eights – Trust Matters

Eights bring a lot of energy into the workplace and this can be tricky to manage.
They read the world from the gut and they want to know who has the power in the workplace.  Creative, smart, they will sleep on the floor if it means getting the job done.
Their superpower is their energy and their pursuit of truth and authenticity. 


Working with 8's9's and 1's

What do they bring to the workplace

They bring loads of energy.  They are action driven, focused people.

Because of their energy and their own personal power they instil confidence into the work environment often encouraging and lifting up teams to heights the team never envisioned reaching.

Underneath all the power are tender, sensitive people who deeply care about the world they inhabit.  

If you need something done, started or turned around an eight is perhaps the person you need.


Conflict is intimacy to an eight.  It is an attempt to be real, authentic, to work things through.  Eights value the truth and want all the facts no matter how bad.  They want people to stand up for what they truly believe in.  Conflict is about increasing trust.

So when they power up you need to meet them in that space, always leading with the truth.  Eights can be quick to blame and not take responsibility for their decisions.  Sorry is a word they find very difficult to say.  Control is something they will want.

But if you stand up for what you believe and go toe to toe with them they will respect you.  Strength is something they admire and once a skirmish is done it is done in the mind of an eight.

Caring for an 8

You have to set limits with eights otherwise they will work themselves into the ground.

Often they don’t recognise their own power and how they fill a room.  Help them to slow down, to pause and think through an answer for the sake of a team.

Give them regular honest feedback.

Establish clear and reasonable boundaries.

Keep them active and engaged.

Create common ground and always motivate them to be their best self.


Working with 8's 9's and 1's

Nines – Harmony matters 

They are called the sweethearts of the enneagram.  Peace loving, loyal, faithful, kind people.  They can bring a team together with a spirit of co operation.  Supportive, non judgemental they bring out the best in other people.

They don’t like feeling like they are controlled and they love structure, predictability and routine.

They will sell themselves short undervaluing their skills and abilities.


Working with 8's 9's and 1's

What do they bring to the workplace

They tend to be ambivalent seeing so many sides, facts and issues.  This can be a great asset in team settings.

They can work hard and long but if they stop it can be hard to get them going again.  The attention of a nine can be diffuse.

However, once in a regular routine and a rhythm they will power through their work.


Conflict with a nine can occur on a number of levels.  They find it hard making decisions and often never get around to making a decision.  This is because they see so many sides, facts and issues.  They often want someone else to make the decision or for the situation to simply sort itself out.  The more you pressure a nine for a decision the more they will dig their heels in.

So give them a limited menu of choices.

Conflict can also occur because nines are easily distracted and find it hard to focus.  Eights and threes have laser focused attention and when a nine gets distracted, inefficient or wanders in their activity this can be frustrating for team.  Sometimes a nine will make everyone else’s work a priority instead of prioritising their own work.

Caring for a Nine

Nines need a limited menu of options to work from.  They will need help prioritising their work and they will need help in sticking to their work.

They desperately need a regular routine that is repeated day in day out.

If you pressure them to perform they will simply dig their heels in.  

Respect their weekends and holidays.  Don’t let them take work home with them as it will only result in resentment.

Encourage and affirm.

Working with 8's, 9's and 1's

One’s – Getting it Right Matters

Ones are detail oriented, conscientious people where their yes is a yes.  They are the kind of people who when they say they will do something they will do it, it will be done on time and it will be perfect.

Integrity is something they value.

working with 8's9's and 1's

What do they bring to the workplace?

They will makes sure your organization or workplace is compliant.  The team will stick to their budget and assignments and tasks will be done on time and will be perfect.  They do go beyond the call of duty and are always looking at how to improve systems, processes.  

The one’s superpower is making things better.


The communication of a one is teaching which means they can be preachy.  Not all team members will appreciate this.

They can also create conflict at the beginning of a task as they can procrastinate wondering what is going to be the best way to achieve the job.  In this phase they need reassurance that they can do the job and that it is okay to make mistakes.

With ones you also have to help them shift the focus from what is wrong to what is right.

If they make a mistake never criticise them in public.

One’s don’t delegate easily.  They need to know that if they delegate the job will be done well.  If a person proves they are reliable, and committed to doing quality work they will delegate.


How to Care for a One

Give them encouragement.  Their inner critic is always going off.  They don’t need any more negative feedback.  What they do need is loads of positivity.

They need to be shown what they are doing well and how they have made the organization better.