When Stressed in a relationship we will...

When Stressed in Relationships We…

When Stressed in Relationships We…

In Relationships when we are Stressed each enneagram type responds differently.



When a One is Stressed They Will Be:

Critical and judgemental.

Rigid and inflexible.

Anxious that things won’t be done right and so they do it themselves.

Good at blaming others for what is not right.


When a Two is Stressed They Will Be:

Bossy and controlling.

Expressing anger and frustration through non-verbal cues.

Tending towards being manipulative to get what they want.

Withholding help.

Shutting down and retreating.


When a Three is Stressed They Will Be:

Pushy and Impatient.

Withdrawing out of frustration.

Pushing themselves even when exhausted.

Focuses on a project and drowns out any other voices.

Self medicating on media, alcohol, binge watching.


When a Four is Stressed They Will Be:

Moody and temperamental.

Over focused on feelings and have a hard time thinking about anything else.

Will sulk and show their frustration by not co operating.

Focus on what is not working.

Vent their frustration to whoever will listen


When a Five is Stressed They Will Be:

Wanting to be left alone.

Protective of anyone touching their stuff.

Retreating and disappearing.

Verbally angry if anyone violates their boundaries.

Unavailable – they simply won’t return calls.


When a Six is Stressed They Will Be:

Struggling to trust.

Struggling with fear, anxiety and worry.

Withdrawing and retreating to get louder and more aggressive.

Struggling to make decisions and move forward.

Struggling with a cycle of people pleasing and rebelling against them.


When Stressed a Seven Will Be:

Scattered and distracted.

Denying reality by being overly positive.

Restless and looking for stimulation.

Speaking fast and erratically.

Becoming irritable and aggressive.

Withdrawing from others if they don’t want to do the emotions.


When Stressed an Eight Will Be:

Blunt and abrasive.

acting impulsively.

Seeing others as being at fault.

Saying they are open to listening but their body language says something else .

Won’t trust people to do anything right and will tell people how to do things.


When Stressed a Nine Will Be:

Acting Passively Aggressive.

Stubborn and resistant


Become withdrawn and irritable.

Dismissing their own feelings to avoid conflict.