To the Thermostats in the world

I am surrounded by people who are the thermostats in the world in which we live.

They are people whose hearts are filled with compassion and empathy. People who want to use their power and agency to transform the temperatures of the communities they live and work in.

Too many people simply adjust to whatever the temperature is in a room. If it is too hot, they take off their jumper; if it is too cold, they put on their coat. Few realize they can actually change the temperature of the environment they live in.

But then there are the brave souls who listen to their hearts and begin to play with the thermostat. I’m not sure who gave them permission to be the ones who alter the thermostat, but they have chosen to be the thermostat keepers.

These people are remarkable. Every day they make a decision to use their inner power to create change.

I love this photo of my granddaughters. Camilla holding Pips, with love. You can see the joy and delight she finds in her little cousin. Pips is curious, maybe a little startled. Her eyes convey an expression of “What the heck?”

Maybe Pips wasn’t too sure how Camilla was going to display her delight!

This is the reaction many thermostat adjusters get when they enter a space. They assess the space and then begin to implement changes that alter the room’s temperature. At first, people only respond to the current state of the room, then slowly, as things begin to heat up, they start to get curious, to wonder, and to adapt to the changes.

Some push back on the changes. It is easy to allow the temperature of a space to freeze our hearts so that we no longer care, feel, or have energy.

Others become so used to heat  all they know are heated responses.

The relentless decision to take control of the thermostat will always invite a relentless push against the temperature being changed. It’s not until people can experience the wonder of the change, the pleasantness the change brings, that they will adapt. Then they will think it was their idea.

Setting the tone, rising above, creating, imagining how space could be held differently takes a lot of energy.

Precious time is expended.

The decision to break out of the status quo requires a daily commitment.

But it’s worth it.

So to all the thermostat changers keep going. Keep choosing your agency.

Because every now and then, a heart will break open in joy, a space will come to life again, and you will shake your head, wondering how on earth that happened!