Journalling Workshop

Come and Learn how To Journal.


Journalling Workshop
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If you don’t know where you are it is really hard to figure out where you are going.

I have been journalling now for 3 decades and have found it is my GPS.  When I don’t know what’s next, what’s around the corner journalling pulls me back and helps me know where I am.  It helps me ask questions about who I am really, how am I doing really, what do I want and what needs to change.  It has bought clarity in seasons when I have felt unclear, uncertain and have felt fear. I have loved being able to process feelings and find the truth nuggets in amongst the weeds.

But not only that journalling stops me leading someone else’s life.  It is so easy to begin to walk someone else’s journey.  Journalling helps us live our life.


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Journalling Workshop

11:30am – 12:30 Workshop, 7pm Online Workshop