Relationships are Everything

Relationships are Everything

Relationships are Everything

Dr. Robert Waldinger, Director of the Harvard Study of Adult Development, reveals the key to real happiness is the strength of our connections and relationships with others.


“The people who stay happiest, healthiest and live the longest have the warmest relationships with other people,”  explains Dr. Waldinger.

Dr. Waldinger shares the findings of the longest scientific study of happiness, shedding light on the common misconceptions of happiness, how meaningful human connection impacts our health, and what we can do to strengthen existing or forge new relationships.


When a One is Self Aware They Will Be:

Caring and willing to listen.


Inspiring and funny.

Have a strong commitment to the relationship.

Express compassion to self and to others.



When a Two is Self Aware They Will Be:

Generous and confident.

Sets healthy boundaries.

Support and empathic.

Does anything for anyone without expecting anything in return.



A Self Aware Three Will Be:

Slowing down and actively listening.

Allowing themselves to check in with how they are feeling.

Becoming more empathic and encouraging.

Becoming more focused on people over projects.


A Self Aware Four Will Be:

Creatively expressive.


Has an empathic ear and is using their emotional intelligence.

Listens with care to understand the big picture.

Supports and encourages themselves and others to be their authentic self.


A Self Aware Five Will Be:

Fun and witty.

Kind and warm.

Open to sharing what they are passionate about.

Stretching themselves to be engaged in conversations even if they aren’t interested.

Communicates their need for quiet and alone time.


A Self Aware Six Will Be:

Observant and understanding.

Intuitive and can zone in on issues.

Very mindful of other peoples feelings and needs.

Balancing their fear and reality so that they can move forward.

Trusting those around them and having faith in them.


A Self Aware Seven Will Be:

Joyful and upbeat.

Present and grounded.

Focused on the relationship and slowing for the relationship.

Not shying away from hard conversations.

Allowing themselves to feel all their emotions including the negative ones.


A Self Aware Eight Will Be:

Quiet and solid.

Inspiring and motivational.

Listening without dismissing or over talking the other person.

Vulnerable with those they are close to.

Working on their intimidation and trying to create an approachable stance.


A Self Aware Nine Will Be:

Easy going and adaptable.

Fun and not taking themselves seriously.

Giving others the benefit of the doubt.

Taking the high road.

Willing to have hard conversations and won’t allow .frustration to build.