Say no to the objectification of women

Please say no to the objectification of women

Please Say No to the Objectification of Women!

Sexualised imagery is not empowering it is dangerous.

The objectification and sexualisation of women causes society to view women as less capable and less intelligent, and it makes men more tolerant of sexual harassment and violence.

Every day we hear stories of young women experiencing sexual harassment and sexual violence. Sadly many of these young women have been groomed to think this is normal.

Objectification and sexualization of girls in the media is linked to violence against women and girls world wide.  

Every 10 minutes, somewhere in the world, an adolescent girls dies as the result of violence. 

Sexualisation happens
When a person’s value comes only from their sexual appeal or behaviour to the exclusion of other characteristics, and when a person is sexually objectified.
Objectification happens

When a person’s body or body parts are separated from them as a person so that they are reduced to the status of an object, devoid of thought or feeling.


Is in high school and is experiencing an eating disorder.

She thinks nothing of objectifying and sexualising her body.  She says, “It’s what boys want.”

She would view herself as being  empowered.

But when asked about her identity apart from her body and its sexualised self,  her feelings, her thoughts, her being she cannot answer you.  She only knows her sexualised self.


Is in high school and every day she simply wants to hide.

Every day she is exposed to boys touching her.  Sometimes it is within the range of appropriate but she didn’t ask for the touch no matter how appropriate.  She feels unseen, an object.

 She is used to boys eyes roaming over her body checking it out, seeing if its nice.

She is tired, weary and wondering is this it!


Is in high school.

She is confused.  She attends a protestant church and feels her the pressure to find her identity in a boy, marriage and family.

She doesn’t feel like she belongs to herself let alone to anyone else.  She feels the pressure to use her looks, her body shape and her sweetness to attract boys.

What else is there in life is the question she keeps asking herself?

Please say no to objectification of women
Please say no to the objectification of women
Please say no to the objectification of women

How Can I Help to say No?

  1.  You can donate to help run a weekend camp where young girls can explore the impact of objectification and sexualisation on their bodies and identity. 
  2. You can attend our Paint n Sip Fundraiser on International Women’s Day 8th of March at the Tailrace Centre at 7pm.  Cost is $85 per person.  Thank you to Frida’s Sip n’ Paint for creating such a beautiful space.  Book Here