My littlest girl

My littlest baby girl.

My littlest baby girl is now 5 months old, and since she was just 3 months, she has been following her mommy’s gaze. Wherever her mommy looks, she looks too, and it never ceases to amaze me.

Wherever mommy goes, she follows. Whoever mommy follows, she follows too. What shapes mommy, will inevitably shape her as well.

It’s truly a wondrous thing, this bond called attachment.

A gift, a treasure, something to be cherished with great care.

I must confess, I want my littlest baby girl to attach to the meaningful things in life.

I love reading her stories, watching her eyes light up at the pictures in the book, hearing the sound of a voice that speaks to her heart. She may not grasp the words or the story being told, but her heart knows that someone is connecting with her. Her eyes, wide and full of wonder, as she listens to the timeless nursery rhymes. The stillness and sacredness of these moments always fill my heart with joy.

Time spent attaching, being present, and loving one another.

My littlest girl

It’s hard to forget the days when we weren’t tethered to screens, when connections were face-to-face.

When we didn’t look to our phones for companionship.

When life was lived with both hands free.

When influencers were the people in our lives, not on our screens.

When we led by example, and our children followed our footsteps, not our online trails.

They learned from our actions, not from the endless scroll of their phones.

I can’t help but yearn for those simpler times for my littlest baby girl.

Imagine her waking up to lazy, giggly mornings snuggled in bed with Mom and Dad, where love and promises are whispered like secrets. Her chubby cheeks get smothered in wet kisses, and she gurgles with laughter and joy.

Watch her eyes sparkle with excitement when she spots Grandma and Grandpa, Uncle ‘Caley’ and Auntie Rach, Auntie Erica and Uncle Jono.

Sing silly lullabies until she drifts off in my arms, wrapped in the cozy world of cuddles and dreams.

my littlest baby girl

I remember, as a young mom, the days when my children’s friendships were my biggest concern. Would their little circles be filled with joy and kindness? Would the homes they visited be warm and welcoming, echoing with laughter?

Or would they be places of unease, where children tiptoed around in fear?

Back then, I only had to worry about a few close influences in their lives.

Today, the world feels so much more complex. It’s not just about who they meet in person, but who and what they connect with through their screens. Who will be their online guide? Urging them to buy, to mimic, to follow?

How many voices will they heed, how many trends will they chase?

I recall a teacher mentioning that single-file walking was no longer encouraged. There were too many to follow, and the children couldn’t see where they were headed. This feels like our world now. A world of endless following without true connection. A world where the path ahead is obscured by too many influences.

We all find ourselves attaching to someone or something.

Hey there, my little Pipsqueak! May your world be a playground of fun memories.

May your tiny feet dance through autumn leaves with glee and excitement.

May your eyes sparkle with curiosity as you watch an ant on its tiny adventure.

May you laugh and giggle, causing delightful chaos with your cousins. 

May you dress up, camp out, dig your toes into the dirt and sand, swim, and stay up late stargazing, just like the good old days.

May you enjoy juicy oranges that drip down your chin, making a mess for mum

May you splash in icy winter puddles and feel the rain on your chubby cheeks.

May your heart connect with people who are genuine, who see you, believe in you, cheer for you, and always want the best for you.

May your world be filled with the sweetest, silliest memories, my precious little munchkin.