Discover You

The enneagram is a wonderful tool to help you discover you.

The IEQ9 assessment will help you

How to get your iEQ9 Report

If you want to take the iEQ9 assessment and get an individualized enneagram report and coaching session here is what to do:

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Why do I need to take an assessment?

When we begin to explore who we are we discover some wonderful things about ourselves and some not so wonderful things about ourselves.

When we start to experience some of those uncomfortable things about ourself our unconscious mind tries to steer us away from truly understanding some of those truths which might help our soul to truly come alive.

Discovering who we really are – the good and the bad is rewarding work but hard work.

We need a tool

This is why we need a tool. To help make the hard work simple.

The iEQ9 report is the most comprehensive and detailed report on the enneagram that I have seen. It is also the most reliable I know about. No self reporting test is 100% reliable but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take it. There is years of testing and research behind the iEQ9 assessment.

Your report will tell you more than what type of enneagram number you are.

You will get a personalised report with in depth information about you and your enneagram type. The report will give you detailed information about who you are and practical steps you can take towards growth and empowerment. This is crucial for your own journey of transformation.

The iEQ9 report will give you your core enneagram type.

This section will reveal:
Whilst all of this is fascinating and informative there is more.

There are 9 enneagram types but for each type there are 3 subtypes.

This is where it get’s exciting and those real moments of revelation occur.

I find over and over again knowing your subtype is the game changer.

Every human being has three instinctual drives: Self- preservation, Social relationships in groups, and One to One bonding. One of these instincts matter to us more than any of the other instincts. When our primary instinct blends with our enneagram type it creates a powerful subtype which influences how we express our personality.

Understanding this is so helpful.

There are 3 centres of expression

This section helps you identify your dominant centre of expression and how you express yourself. Even though it can be a bit uncomfortable this section tells you how others will experience you. This can be a bit embarrassing as we may not even be aware of how others will experience us.

Wing Influence

Your wings are the numbers on either side of your enneagram type.  You can access both wings but most of will lean into one wing more than the other.

This section of the report will help you understand how each wing will influence you and your personality.

Self Awareness and Integration

This part of the report will show you how aware you are of who you are.  It will show you how much you are living in auto pilot and how much you are living from self awareness.

Stress Levels

In this section you will discover how much stress you are experiencing in the following 5 areas:

You will receive feedback about your happiness level.

Lines of Tension and Release

This section is so helpful.

This part of the identifies specific tendencies you need to be aware of when stressed.

This way you can adapt and make changes before they become big problems.


We know all relationships are about communication but we all communicate differently.  This part of the report outlines:

It also communicates your meta message the message you may be communicating to others without even being aware you are communicating them. I have never found another report which provides so much information about you.