How do you make Decisions?

Decision Making

Decision Making

How does each enneagram make decisions?  

Believe it or not but each enneagram type makes decisions differently.

One’s – The Improvers

Approach making decisions with their gut.  Following on the heels of the gut decision they will check the decision with their thinking.  The mind working to check the integrity of the decision made.

Sometimes trying to figure out the right decision can delay a decision frustrating other types.


Which decision has the most integrity?

What is the principle thing to do?

Two’s – The Befrienders

When they make a decision they will make it based on their feelings, asking how will this decision negatively impact other people.

Compassion can get in the way of making the right decision.  Sometimes hard decisions have to be made and this means some people will get bruised.  Sometimes two’s find it hard to make a hard decision.  When they communicate the decision, clarity around the decision is confusing for others because compassion got in the way.

How will this decision impact relationships?

How will this decision affect (name of person)?


Three’s – The Competitive Achiever

Three’s are pragmatists.  They are always working through the pro’s and cons of a decision always moving towards goals and actions.  

Sometimes they forget to take people with them wanting to achieve the goal so much.  They can be lone wolves at times and forget to include the team along the way.


What is the most efficient decision?

How will this decision get us to the goal?

Four’s – The Intense Creative

Four’s make decisions on the basis of their intuition which is informed by their well considered values.  Their decisions can be intense and driven.


Because four’s make their decisions on the basis of their feelings often they are surprised when someone needs more than a feeling.

Is this decision the most authentic decision?

Does this decision reflect who I am?

Five’s – The Quiet Specialists

Five’s make decisions on the basis of all the information they collect.  They will research and analyse all the data and they will make a logical reasonable decision on the basis of the data.

Five’s can’t understand how people can make decisions on the basis of gut or feelings.  They can be dismissive of decisions made this way.  They have to learn not all decisions can be made from the head.

What do the facts tell us?

What is the logical, reasonable thing to do?

Sixes – The Loyal Skeptic

Sixes make decisions by thinking long and hard about the impact of the decision.  In their mind they will work through all the worst case scenarios, they will calculate the risks and come up with a decision which will keep people safe.


Sometimes sixes have to learn to let go and to trust others.

What is the safest decision to make?

What decision will keep the most amount of people safe, protected and nurtured?

Sevens – The Enthusiastic Visionaries

Seven’s think through all the multiple options available.  They search for a variety of actions that could be taken.  They take in a lot of information, can synthesise the information quickly, and they can make decisions impulsively.

They need to make sure they have slowed down long enough to get all the information.

Which decision can I make quickly and effectively?

What’s the information telling me to do?

Eight’s – The Challengers

Eight’s make decisions from their gut and they are not afraid to make big powerful decisions fast. When they do make a decision they often go big.

They often need to slow down long enough to get all the information before making a decision and they need to think about the impact of their decision making on other personality types.

What is my gut telling me to do?

What big step of faith is my gut telling me to take?


Nines – The Peacemakers

Nines listen to varying perspectives and alternatives and then make decisions on the basis of consensus.  They will often keep talking because they don’t want to have to make a decision which will bring about conflict.  

Sometimes they take way too long to make a decision stalling other people.  

What is the general consensus?

What seems to be in the best interest of the most amount of people?