create your best life

Creating my best life

Creating my best life…

isn’t always simple or easy.

We all want to envision a beautiful, full, robust and vibrant life don’t we?

But how do you take action steps to achieve that life?

Many of us are tired of the hustle, the waking up early to try to achieve, pushing ourselves harder to get things done.

Some of us feel like we’ve been trying to create this beautiful life but it keeps evading us.  Life is hard and life happens unexpectedly.  The feeling of  tired keeps interrupting the life we seek.

Most of us have a general idea of what we want:  maybe its kids, grandkids, a career we enjoy, holidays, income which provides security for now and the future.

We all know what we want to feel:  happy, contented, free, peaceful, supported and in a position to grow.

But sometimes the picture is blurry and it feels like we need to focus the lens somewhat so that we can see more clearly.

Sometimes we just need the space to ourselves to create, to tweak, to bring more focus.

This is where my friend Mel De Ruyter comes in.  She has designed a Vision Boarding workshop to help you envision your beautiful, full, robust and vibrant life.

Using a meditation practice, some vision frameworks and lots of creative elements she will help bring clarity to your best life.


create your best life

About Mel De Ruyter

Mel is a creative photographer with a passion for working with individuals to create elegant and inspiring imagery for any occasion, individual, brand or business.

With a contemporary arts degree and more than 12 years of experience in visual communication, she brings a creative perspective to every job she is involved with.

She loves to capture the beauty of life and to draw out the qualities of the subject that make it unique. This is the magical aspect of Her work that I love. This is what will make the Vision Boarding Workshop so unique and so different.

Her ability to draw out the beauty  of the life within.

I want to create my best life.

Vision Board Workshop 1:

Sunday 2nd of July from 12pm – 3pm

Vision Board Workshop 2:

Thursday 6th of July from 9am – 12pm.

Cost is $220


  • A professionally printed vision board
  • Grazing table and refreshments

Venue:  Tailrace Centre

1 Waterfront Drive, Riverside, Launceston.

Create my best life
Create my best life
create your best life