Hi There

I'm Sharon O'Neill

I’m a small town pastor, enneagram coach, social worker and advocate for women, youth and children.

Very into:  my granddaughter, hubby and kids, any opportunity to pick a flower or explore this beautiful world we live in.  I love the table and inviting people over for food and conversation.  I hate small talk and haven’t done it in a long time.

I didn't always have the confidence to have this space

A decade ago you would have found me struggling to find my voice and my place, trying to get out of the box I felt the religious and non religious kept trying to put me in.

You would have found me hustling trying to create our social enterprise, which is 3 businesses in one,  advocating for young people and women.

I loved the journey but it was scary, and  hard and often felt lonely.  The people pressures, the financial stretch, the learning required my soul to stretch.

 I became good friends with hurry and hustle and learned that creativity has a speed all of its own…

In that space of pioneering, creating and learning I knew I needed to go deeper.  I needed to know who I was really!  I needed to find a tribe of women who wanted to create change.

So I invested in a mentor and the enneagram and went on a journey to find some tribes to connect with.  Those investments made all the difference to my ability to lead, to create, to be comfortable with who I am.


I am still pastoring, I’m still leading the social enterprise known as Tailrace Centre, Judes Cafe and Kids Paradise.  I am still a local community pastor advocating for women, children and youth.

But you will also find me spending a lot of time one on one helping people discover who they really are!

What lights me up is when I see someone have that light bulb moment of being seen and understood.  The twinkle they get in their eye when they are affirmed and validated for who they really are.  The energy changes.

When you know who you are and you are supported by a healthy eco system to be who you are everything changes.

What flows out of that space is love and right at this moment we sure need more love.

So do you want to get out of the box people keep trying to put you in?

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