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Sharon O'Neill

About Sharon O'Neill

I am a pastor who got fed up with being put in a box by both the religious and non religious and told this is how things are and have to be.  I don’t like injustice and find it hard to not pioneer new initiatives to help address social issues.  I find it really difficult to keep my mouth from advocating when I see people experiencing injustice, pain and suffering.

With my hubby and a few other courageous people we created a social enterprise advocating for young people.  That’s a story in itself.

I love coming beside people coaching, supporting giving courage to people who want to discover who they really are and get out of the box they find themselves in.  

The one thing I’ve learned is that when we really know who we are and are supported and encouraged it is a game changer!

What get’s unleashed on the planet is love and for me this is most powerful currency we have on the planet at the moment and we need truckloads of it.

So there you have it!  I’m not ONE thing and I won’t ever be ONE thing.

I want to be a bridge, an encourager, a supporter, an advocate for the real you, that unchecked dream …to you living who you are and bringing your heart full of dreams and love to the planet.


Sharon O'Neill

Helping You Make The Right Choices.

I think you’re here because you want more and you know the more always overflows from your soul.

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